The Cooperative Network Assembly

This is a design page for a new type of (decentralized) civil information infrastructure, for the general public to produce irrefutable, iron-clad databases on any topic under the sun. 

If I wanted to achieve lasting peace, this is what I would do.

CNA Design

Branches Derived

Asimov's Mule


Sample Public CNA (in part): A small group of people form a CNA on the topic of their choice.  With open-doors joining policies, applicants gain general membership by verifying their identities via jointly trusted parties. 

Members may author new material and, operating in a particular branch capacity, they may participate in performing reviewing tasks upon material submitted by other members.

Each submission must pass through review by randomly selected members in each of three branch capacities.  In the same way, higher-level members then review the work performed.  When submitted material has passed all required reviews, the new material is incorporated into the published product.

Every action performed by every member is bound to their identity, as publicly documented in CNA records.  The full set of checks is documented in CNA Design

A landscape of CNAs: One might want to see this start off with bedrock topics, such as "Microbe News", "The Leukemia Database" or "American Poet", for CNAs to gain an established footing.  Now, imagine groups of people in the public decide they want to create CNAs on a wide variety of topics, such as "The NSA News", "The FDA Today", "Fukushima Now", or "9/11 Investigations".  A public CNA has open-doors joining policies for all (with ID for sure).  Imagine people coming up with ideas for topics like "The White House", "Vermont In The Nation's Capital", "Networks Watch", or "GMOs Today".


eXo Platform has been selected as the software package to use for this application. (Open Source)

(A SourceForge project will be created for project development)


Mark G. Meyers

For questions, ideas or concerns regarding CNA design, or any other comments, you can email me at:

Philosophy, Role and Benefits

That which we call civilization tends to include some accumulation of shared, manifest symbols and structure. With civilization arises a new, manifest layer of shared structure, with its own calling for organization. When defined this way, CNAs assist in the terms of civilization infrastructure.

As a human, I feel I should be responsible for myself, and likewise, collectively, that all of humankind should be responsible for itself. Nature appears to us as naturally self-governing. Therefore, where humankind governs itself, everything will have been governed. The CNA is designed to contribute in the terms of humankind's ability to govern itself.

What is the currency of a CNA?  Its members, who must each bind their names to the actions they perform, contributes in terms of human economics.  Its published content contributes in terms of information economics.

The CNA is a “Roman model”, where anyone and everyone may join and participate in performing clearly defined tasks, in the act of collectively producing quality expository writing, by way of collectively conforming to the exercise of good critical skills. 

The CNA is designed to function internally as a political machine, and externally to produce a singular product. It is intended for members of varying points of view to work side-by-side, internally, where any resolvable differences will be unified in its published product. Also, where any irresolvable differences occur, it exists to produce a list of each point of view.

CNA structure is designed to handle political needs, and its business is information. Publicly, our primary check upon CNA power is in our enforced organizational decentralization of it; by CNAs being popularly held to exist as a larger number of smaller organizations.


Powers are checked for each power given

The checks serve the public trust

Public knowledge/awareness by way of review of CNA content and records

Structurally/Politically scalable (from principality to republic to democracy)

Cohesive, community-sized topics (a focused understanding)

Topical expertise

Demand feeds back on supply, for a smart product for smart consumers

Unity and consensus on outputs (toward unity with the dissolution of variability)

Participation by all

Clearly defined individual tasks

Responsive and reactive to individual demands

Upward mobility: Experience and skills development for all

Respectable CNA Requirements

  • A defining principle body
  • A clearly stated topic
  • A published set of rules